After the first part of the hidden places in the small country, it is time for part II! Yes, the country is small, we know, but there are more places that are worth a visit. So, here is a collection of some other amazing hidden places that are worth a visit:

The Netherlands will surprise you. Not only regarding the great Erasmus life, but also when it comes to architecture! Besides the traditional ‘Amsterdam Houses’, there are a lot of famous modern architecture works as well. You will find a wide variety of architecture in the whole country, and depending on the city, it is more traditional or modern. For this blog, we selected 5 Dutch architecture works that you could visit when you’re in the Netherlands.




We see you, swooning over your textbook trying to cram the information in your brain while your friends are off partying and visiting beautiful places. An exchange can be extremely fun, but ultimately, you are also here to pass your semester. We know studying can be really tricky when there is so much else to do and see, but we have got some tips and tricks we do love to share with you that have helped us along the way.


Many of you have already gotten a taste of what the Netherlands is; wet, small, cozy, our shops close at 6PM, there are many cows, and we eat sandwiches for lunch. These characteristics are the ones you see when you scratch just the surface. But even though the Netherlands might be small, it has much to offer, especially for an Erasmus/international students like you!