Ivona Galic



'Mens sana in corpora sana.’

Being healthy does not only mean doing sports in order to feel fit. Health actually refers to a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. In the construct of physical health, the functions of the body works at its peak due the lack of disease, regular exercising, a balanced diet and enough rest. This will in effect reduce the risk of health issues. Mental health is harder to define. It depends on different abilities, like for example the achievement of balance, feelings safe and secure, but also the enjoyment of life. In short, health depends on several factors. In this blog post, we collected some tips for you, to enhance your health!

1. Exercise!
One of the most common practices for a healthier life, is to exercise regularly. Exercising provides protection against diseases, but also reduces the risk to heart attacks, strokes, obesity or depression. And it can be done in so many ways! You can either go to the gym, play soccer with your friends, go for a swim or take your bike down one of the many bicycle roads. The options are endless. And how much exercise you need? You need enough to meet your goals, whether if it is losing weight or feeling fitter, your goals are your goals.

2. Have a well-balanced diet
‘You are what you eat’. The food you eat and the drink you drink, affect your health as well. If you do not eat or drink well, you will probably not feel well. It is important to have a well-balanced diet and to eat a different variety of foods, to keep that body healthy. You do not need to make major changes to eat healthier, you can start changing your habits step by step. Some examples are to rather add healthy food choices to your diet, instead of cutting on the unhealthy foods, pack your meals at home to resits buying food outside and eat mindfully, which means relax and enjoy your meals instead of rushing!

3. Small random acts of kindness
You know how you do something small for a person, and they are incredibly thankful for this? This will also have a positive influence on your health, as you will automatically feel happier after doing something kind for someone else. These can be quick calls to someone your care, helping someone with carrying their groceries or giving up your seat in the train. There are many possibilities to give the world some love, and it will definitely light up your mood!

4. Get a good night of sleep
Having a well rested night, will enhance your health as well. It will give you more energy throughout the day, makes you feel less grumpy, but will also make you crave less to unhealthy food. As a student, it can be hard sometimes to get a good night of rest. You either have to study for exams, deadlines or you prefer to go out. And that is fine, but do not make a habit out of it, as sleep is important. To get a good night of sleep, you can try to follow a regular sleeping schedule, develop a bedtime routine and not use your computer of phone (this is hard, we know) one hour prior to sleeping.

5. Do what makes you happy!
You can follow all these tips to have a healthier life, but the most important tip, is to do what makes you happy. Whether it is walking around in the forest, hanging out with friend or practicing your hobby, make sure that your happiness and the things that make you happy are number one. With a happy mind and a happy life, a healthy life will follow!

So, what are your tips for staying healthy?