Eric Sturm


The Netherlands will surprise you. Not only regarding the great Erasmus life, but also when it comes to architecture! Besides the traditional ‘Amsterdam Houses’, there are a lot of famous modern architecture works as well. You will find a wide variety of architecture in the whole country, and depending on the city, it is more traditional or modern. For this blog, we selected 5 Dutch architecture works that you could visit when you’re in the Netherlands.

1. Kinderdijkse Windmolens, Kinderdijk (English: Windmills of Kinderdijk)

When you think of the Netherlands, you think about tulips, cheese and… windmills! Who hasn’t heard of the famous windmills of Kinderdijk? If you haven’t, now you know. Windmills are typical Dutch buildings with a very unique architecture. They have been used mainly in the Middle Ages to generate power from the wind to, for example, grind cereals. In Kinderdijk, you can take a walk amongst these beautiful windmills.  And did you know that there are UNESCO heritage? So, grab a nice sunny sunday, and take a walk amongst this beautiful route!

2. Vleeshal, Haarlem (English: Meat Hall)

The Vleeshal in Haarlem is one of the architecture works from the Golden Age. The Golden Age took place in the 17th Century, when the Netherlands had a welfare economy. This reflects in the architecture they made in that period: use of expensive materials, attention to detail and a high status look and feel. The Vleeshal, former townhall, is a great example where you can meet with the wealth from old times. You can find the Vleeshal at the city square, in the heart of Haarlem,

3. Amsterdam Canals, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous about its canal houses. Most of them were built in the Golden Age (17th Century). They were built as warehouses, as the canals were ideal for transportation. The houses have also been used to live in. When you visit Amsterdam, make sure to take a walk past the canals and enjoy the stunning, Dutch architecture!

4. Kubuswoningen, Rotterdam (English: Cube Houses)

Very rare: the cube houses in Rotterdam have the shape of tilted cubes, placed on a pylon. And yes, really, people are living in these houses! The houses are designed by Piet Blom in 1977. The idea behind it is that each house represents a tree, and together they represent a forest. When you’re in Rotterdam, go to Blaak station. You won’t have a lot of trouble to find them there! It is possible to take a look inside: here you can find more information!

5. Central Station, The Hague

More into modern architecture? We’ve got you covered! You will find one of the latest Dutch architecture styles at Central Station, The Hague. The station was built in 2016 and it looks very Instagramable, if we may say so ourselves! Also a big plus: it’s a central station, so you can easily reach it by train and afterwards go to the city centre to explore The Hague a bit more!

So, which famous Dutch architectonic wonder are you going to visit first?