Isanya Köhne

Everyone knows that summer = festival season. Every year, thousands of these big events are organised and millions of people look forward to dressing up, partying and jamming to their favourite songs. It therefore comes as no surprise that all over the world festivals are seen as a mini vacation. It’s the perfect event that ranges from two days to an entire week, where you get to wind down while moving along to the best beats. In the Netherlands alone, over 600 festivals take place during the summer. Our country, as small as it is, is therefore one of the most popular European countries for festival goers. The extensive list of festivals in the Netherlands proves that the Dutch (and beyond) love a party, whether it be filled with reggae, rock, metal, or electronic dance music. 

Throughout the entire year, the Netherlands organises various different events, but it’s really the summer season that’s most popular amongst festival crowds. Starting at the end of April, when weather tends to get better with temperatures rising to 20 degrees, is when the festival fever hits. Kings day and Liberation day are two of these late April/early May examples that call for event organisers to throw huge parties. On these two days, over 10 different festivals take place all over the country. Kings day and Liberation day are thus known to be the two dates that kick-off the festival season. After that (but also before, such as Paaspop with Easter), various different festivals in many different genres are written down on the agenda. 

Intents Festival, Pink Pop, Jera on Air, Awakenings Festival, Defqon 1, Concert at Sea, and Oerol are some of the big and smaller festivals in different genres and different arts that make June the perfect summer month. Solar, Milkshake festival, Tomorrowland, Blierock, Liquicity festival, and Zwarte Cross are those that make the summer days a whole lot more exciting. And in August we don’t need to worry about missing a party with the Amsterdam Pride Parades, Ground Zero Festival, Duikboot Festival, Into the Great Wide Open, Lowlands, Psy-Fi, Hidden Garden, and Dutch Valley. No matter what genre you’re into, or what art or cultural parties interest you, the Netherlands will have a festival that will live up to your wishes. 

With such a great line-up of events and acts, it’s sad to say that the usually packed summer here in the Netherlands won’t go through this year. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on partying and jamming to our favourite beats together with a thousand others. It is unfortunately forbidden to organise or attend such events till the 1st of September 2020. We can only dream of those summer days on muddy sand and long nights with the stage lights on our faces. However, don’t let this stop you to discover your new favourite festivals and artists. Many festivals have taken their parties to the online realm where you have the chance to jam to the line-up straight from home. Put the cooler out in your garden or on your balcony, turn up the speakers (or put on a headphone!) and party from home. We hope all of you are safe and even though this year won’t allow you to discover the various different festivals in the Netherlands, go ahead and take a look at the previous editions of some! Maybe we will see you join them when the new year comes around!