‘The European Platform – internationalising education‘ inspires by demonstrating how internationalisation adds value to today’s education. They enjoy sharing success stories and support internationalisation in education through our broad knowledge, and financially by offering government grants. Staff members and ambassadors provide professional advice. Primary and secondary establishments as well as teacher training institutions can benefit from their expertise.

The goal of the EPF is that all pupils in primary and secondary education receive a foundation based on internationalisation, in order to inspire and prepare them to study, work and live in an international environment. In addition, the European Platform provides support to schools wanting to establish internationalisation as an extra distinguishing aspect of their school. The European Platform also encourages the internationalisation of teacher training institutions for primary and secondary education in the Netherlands.

ESN The Netherlands and the European Platform started a cooperation in May 2014 as both share the mission, vision and aim of the project. The European Platform focuses on contact and preparation of schools while ESN the Netherlands focuses on the ESN sections, and the sections focus on the preparation of the students.

For more information regarding the European Platform check their website: www.europeesplatform.nl Or contact: erasmusinschools@epf.nl