Erasmus in Schools (EiS) aims to bring international students during their mobility experience in the Netherlands closer to the local communities they currently live in and to give a face to terms as mobility and internationalisation to young pupils.

Erasmus in Schools brings international students currently in the Netherlands to Dutch classrooms for an Erasmus in Schools visit. During this visit, a local schools’ students are familiarized with Europe and European citizens, with foreign traditions and customs. The project strives to promote mobility and to overcome stereotypes. The project provides the local schools’ students with a unique opportunity to broaden their horizon via a playful though educative interaction with the visiting students. Simultaneously, it provides the international students with an opportunity to be emerged in everyday Dutch life as they wouldn’t otherwise encounter and to share their culture with potential future mobile students.

Initially Erasmus in Schools was a large, international subproject within SocialErasmus, but in the Netherlands it has now grown to be a relatively independent project. In some other ESN countries it has as well, such as in Spain.

The basic concept of Erasmus in Schools is that international students studying abroad visit local schools and give lessons about their country, culture and traditions to create cultural awareness among local students. Under the guidance of the school’s teacher, the lessons are customized to fit the local pupils at their respective educational level.
Schools interested in hosting a visit can fill out the form online, after which they will be contacted by our Erasmus in Schools coordinator Meike, who puts them in contact with an ESN section. The local ESN section will then approach their international students to find a match for the visit. Lastly, the content is created in cooperation with the school, the ESN section and the regarding international student.
The visit results in a certificate of participation for the international students, and hopefully in more Erasmus in Schools visits in the future!

Click here for an example of a lesson