ESN Groningen is focused on the motto “students helping students”, which is achieved by organizing over 150 activities for international students throughout the year, including a huge introduction week at the beginning of each semester to ensure that new international students have the best possible start that they can in Groningen. In the introduction week of September it even has over 2000 participants! During the introduction week, ESN Groningen organizes the following activities: two Culture days, two Sports days, a Band night, a Movie night, a Comedy night and of course a lot of parties! The introduction week is very special as it brings many students together in the beginning of the year. 

ESN Groningen organizes everything for students, by students. The ESN Groningen board consists of six students who work full-time in order to provide the best possible experience for international students in Groningen. There are 10 committees in ESN Groningen, made up of 60 committee members who work part-time to organize a wide range of activities. One event that is always very popular is the International Dinner. Every three weeks a three course dinner is made with a theme of a different country. Cooks from that country are found to prepare the meal. Another event that ESN Groningen is very proud of is the Live Music Night. In the months before this night 60 international students rehearse different cover songs, to perform them during the Live Music Night in front of 300 people! It is a very unique project and brings students together through music.



All-in all, ESN Groningen is very much involved in the international student life of Groningen!


Pelsterstraat 23
9711 KH, Groningen
The Netherlands