Located in Friesland, Leeuwarden is a historical city in the North of the Netherlands. As cultural capital in 2018, the city became popular throughout Europe. Known as the little Amsterdam of the North, its many canals that wind through the city give you the opportunity to explore the city from a boat. A main visitor attraction is the Oldehove – a monument that was built in 1529 and leans further than the Tower of Pisa. What was then an architectural mistake is nowadays is the iconic sign of Leeuwarden. Today, it even serves as a look-out point over the entire city. 

ESN Leeuwarden has about 100-150 exchange students each semester. Being all volunteers, the board members have it at their heart to provide their students with an unforgettable exchange experience. With cultural and fun activities, such as international dinners, trips, and sports tournaments, new friends are made easily. With students from all over the world, it is truly an international environment. 

Student life in Leeuwarden is versatile. Students enjoy the many cafés, study places and parks. One of the most popular places is the Blokhuispoort – an old prison from the 16th century that is now a cultural and arts center – and it offers a great atmosphere to study. Leeuwarden is a small city where everything can be reached by bike. Still, it offers everything one would need: shopping, cafés and restaurants, bars and nightclubs, sports, and much more. 


Rengerslaan 8-10,
8917 DD, Leeuwarden