Hey hey!


I am Jasmin and I am the National Representative and PR Manager of 2016-2017.


I have been active in ESN since 2012 in my local section in beautiful and not-at-all boring Enschede. Starting out as a mentor, last year I felt, I had to take a step further and became the president of ESN Twente. I loved the work within my section but also getting to know ESN as an actual network on national and international level.


My journey within the national board has already been very exciting and now I have been elected to represent ESN the Netherlands on the international level and I’ve taken over the PR tasks as well.

I will therefore be the central communication point for information coming from the international level of ESN to the National board, our sections and vice versa. In the following months I will thus work closely together with the International Board and the other 38 National Representatives (“NRs”).


As NR I’ll show our ESNers and anyone interested in becoming an ESNer the benefits (and how much fun it is!) of being involved in international committees and projects, of participating in and organizing international events and what opportunities and tools are available for our local ESN sections and international students. Therefore, I hope that I can get you excited for the Level UP meetings with me and the international committee.


In addition to the NR position, I will be responsible for all the PR related activities of ESN NL. I am responsible for the social media accounts and I will support the local PR coordinators through the PR committee.

In addition, I took the portfolios Exchangeability and Responsible Party. I am very enthusiastic about both of the projects and will be there for you in case you have any questions! Furthermore, I will be responsible for the ESNSurvey.   


I’d love to get to know you all and get you excited about the network as a whole!

For any questions regarding specifics on the ESN network, all international related things, Responsiblie Party, our flagship project and PR stuff, just contact me at nr@esn-nl.org.