Hey everyone,

My name is Aileen and I will be the Network Manager of ESN The Netherlands for 2020/2021

Although I am a Dutchie born and raised, I have always been quite internationally minded. When I started my bachelor programme in European Law, I realised how much I liked being in an international environment. This prompted me to go on Erasmus in Uppsala, Sweden. This exchange is still the absolute highlight of my studies. After I came back from my gap year, I joined ESN Maastricht early 2019 because I wanted to help give exchangers coming to Maastricht an experience as unforgettable as my own exchange had been. Joining ESN has given me so much more than I imagined, from lots of new friends to personal development. This made me join the local board of ISN Maastricht and it is the reason why you find me on this website as Network Manager! 

This year, I will be responsible for all matters related to the international level of ESN. It is my job to inform the sections about important topics that are discussed and gather their opinion about these topics. That way, the voice of ESN NL is heard when votes take place on the international level. On top of that, I will prepare the sections for the two international events we have: Western European Platform and the Erasmus Generation Meeting, where all 42 ESN countries gather.

I wish you an amazing exchange in our beautiful country! I hope you get to travel to a lot of places, make lots of new friends, get to try bitterballen and maybe even a frikandel. Also, I hope you get to join as many ESN events as possible and make your exchange into something you will tell your grandchildren about!