Hello beautiful people,

I’m Marinos and I'm the Partnership Manager of ESN The Netherlands for the year 2020/2021.

Born and raised in the picturesque island of Cyprus, I had already been accustomed to a plethora of different, and in some cases quite unique, cultures. This, together with my love for exploration and discovery led me down a path of constant travelling and active participation in multiple International Exchange programs; COMENIUS in Oviedo, Spain, ERASMUS+ in Copenhagen, Denmark and E-TWINNING in La Rochelle, France are just a few of these programs that I was privileged enough to be part of. Eventually, I found my way to the gorgeous city of Amsterdam where I would start my studies. Naturally drawn to assisting like-minded people I became an International student ambassador for my university and later joined and aided my local ESN section in organizing cultural activities. I immediately fell in love with the opportunities now accessible to me via ESN; from travelling to socializing, it was my ideal environment to grow and develop my mental boundaries. Seeing how much ESN helped me grow made me even more interested in chasing various opportunities and to put myself in a position to help even more people.

As the Partnership Manager, I will be responsible for external representation of ESN The Netherlands and its members towards commercial stakeholders. This also means that as the main communication line with partners I will ensure that your interests are taken into consideration and that our partners are in the best possible position to assist you. Maintaining your benefits and of course acquiring new ones will be my number one priority! 

I wish you all an amazing year full of memories and new adventures; and I am certain that after experiencing what this amazing country can offer, you will be happy to call The Netherlands your home away from home.